Diana Marcoccia

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  • Main character in the film “Fernando” (CNAC-2012)
  • Main Role of the film “No Sense” (CNAC-2012) (Released in November 2013)
  • Main Role of the film-“Gaspar Mendoza” (Villa del Cine-2011/2012 Foundation) (released in March 2014)



  • Soap Opera “Virgen de la Calle” (RTI / Televisa -2013)
  • Antagonist-the teen drama “Motivated by the Music” (Tves-2011)
  • The character of “Net” in the novel “The Young Widow” (Venevision, 2011)
  • Protagonist of the teen drama musical “Hearts Extremes” (Venevision 2009)
  • Protagonist of the teen drama “My girl Amada” with Salt N Pepa (Venevision 2007)
  • Driver program-star of the series “A Summer with You” “Remote Control” and “De Buena Nota” (RCTV-2006).
  • Invited as a singer to programs like “Squeeze to Win”, “Resolves”, “The Telecorazón” special program “faith and joy”, “Covers”, “Loco Video Loco” (RCTV-2004/2005 )



  • “The Tin Soldier” Teatro Santa Fe. (2013-2014)
  • “Sexperiencias” directed by Alexander Rivero (2012 Escena8 Theatre)
  • Bio-child musical “The Happy Prince” directed by Armando Alvarez (Premium Orange Theatre, 2011)
  • Musical-Monologues “13 do 1” directed by Pedro Pablo Porras and Nelson Ortega (Unearte and Teatro Ateneo de Maracay, 2010)
  • Protagonist of the children’s play “Sueños manufacturers” directed by Dairo Piiieres (Teatrex Season in 2010)
  • Child-Work “Peter Pan” directed by Rosa Monroy (Maracay Ateneo Theatre 2008)
  • Dream of a Summer Night: Directed by Mariotzzi Carmona. (Maracay Athenaeum Theatre, 2005)
  • Weather in Rosa-Frenesi: Directed By William Cuao (2004)




-Reality Show, “Chica Covergirl” (Nuevon-2012)



  • Recorded a CD entitled “I will ,” and other topics with original covers of ” My Beloved Girl ” series (2007 )
  • Recorded a CD called “Remote Control” , with the original themes of Remote Control program. ( 2006 )
  • Singing at the ” Queen of Mini Fairs San José ” (2006 )
  • Contracted exclusively by RCTV and sonographic record (2005 )
  • Participated in the Daddy Yankee concert that took place in a football stadium in University City as a youth singer.
  • Representative of Venezuela in Belinda ‘s concert , held at the Teresa Carreño . ( 2005 )
  • Held the post number 41 in the Record Report with his first promotional single ” You You” (2005 )
  • CD called “Diany Reggeteen ” signed by the label ” Sonográfica ” and ” Moon Records ” .
  • Won 1st place child’s voice in the competition that was held in Mexico, “Intermodel 2004 “
  • Performing as a singer and dancer throughout the Canary Islands , with the following producers : ” artistic productions MAR “, ” OYE productions ” (2002-2003)




  • Image of Pharmaceutical “Norvelo” (2011)
  • Business-model shoe “Basinger” (2011)
  • Image and model of the Jewels “House looked ahead” (2009/2014)
  • Commercial-pattern “Diditeen” (2009)
  • Store-Image “Sanrio, Maracay” (2008)
  • Model “Barbie Matell, Venezuela” (2005)


Acting Studies:

  • Currently in Actors Gymnasium Matilda Corral.
  • 3 Years in the acting center theater “Luzcolumba” with Professor Nelson Ortega (2010/2013).
  • Starring-classes in CIFALC, with teacher Aquiles Ortega. (2010)
  • 2 Years studying theater with the “Ottawa Chamber Theatre” with Mariotzi Carmona).
  • Musical Theatre Workshop with teachers César Sierra (theater), Anita Vivas (dance), Alejandro Zabala (Canto).
  • Assembly Workshop with Professor William Cuao.


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