Enrique Sapene

About This Project


10 Buck Baton                                     Lead                            Montage Cinema/ Neemer Basha

Return To Babylon                              Lead                            Independent / Alex Cannawatt

In The Name Of Love                          Lead                            Independent / Caroline Morse

Old Friends                                          Lead                            Independent / Oliver Schneckenbul

Fighter’s Chance                                  Supporting                   Independent / Trudy Sergent

Tony Tango                                         Supporting                   1337 Productions / Manolo Celi

Mothers and Daughters                                    Supporting                   Showtime / Sheri Hellard

Self Medicated                                                Supporting                   Seventh Art / Monty Lapica

*The Last Mountain                             Supporting                   Independent / Robert Fleet

Glass                                                    Supporting                   Independent / Caroline Morse

*Sundance/Berlin Film Festival Award



Hacienda Heights                                Series Regular             NBC/ION

Pecadora                                             Series Regular             Univision

Las Cosas Simples                               Series Regular             Univision

El Alma Herida                                                Series Regular             Telemundo

La Vuelta al Mundo                             Series Regular             Univision

Viva Hollywood                                                Series Regular             Vh1

Borderline                                            Recurring                     Amazon

Archivos del Mas Alla                          Guest Star                    RCTV Venezuela

Mothers and Daughters                                    Co-Star                                    Showtime

Heir On (MOW)                                                Co-Star                       SiTV

Livin Large                                          Host                             NBC

Control                                                 Host                             Univision

Styleyes                                               Co-Host                        SiTV

The Trend                                           Co-Host                        Syndicated



Las Cosas Simples                               Lead                            Venevision Studios

As You Like It                                       Lead                            Shoreline Studios

Big As Lips                                           Lead                            The Fountain

Playing with The Gods                                    Lead                            Pan Pacific Park

The Illiad                                             Co-Star                                    Archer Theater

Oliver                                                   Co-Star                                    Pan Pacific Park



Adriana Barraza Actors Studio

-Scene Study (Intensive)                      Adriana Barraza

Lee Strasberg Theater Institute

-Scene Study                                       Anna Strasberg, Mark Marno

-Classics                                               Elizabeth Huffman, Al Pacino

Beverly Hills Playhouse                                   Al Mancini, Milton Katzelas


Fluent Spanish (All Dialects and Accents), Fluent French, TV Hosting, Producing Television, Familiar with teleprompter and ear prompter, Writing for Television
Sports: Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Swimming (Gold Medal Regional Venezuela), Surfing,
Dancing (Salsa, Merengue, Drums, Freestyle)


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Demo Reel

Theatrical reel in English

Theatrical Reel in Spanish