About This Project


El Sueno del Regreso                                      cousin of the main character                                                   Luis Molina


Tercera                                               Frtiends with the main character and dancer                                              Channel 6 ,P.R

America Teve             El Cuerpon del Verano     TN3                                                 Channel 24

Sabado Gigante                                               dancer                          Univision   2013                                                                

Gordo y la Flaca                                             dancer                           Univision   2013

Despierta America   Maite Perroni Dancers                                      Univision 2013

Despierta America   Maluma (Right now Maluma dancer)               Univision 20013-14

Un Nuevo Dia           Maluma       (Coreographer)                             Telemundo 2014

Los deportes              Fito y Blanco                                                     Telemundo 2013

Burn Notice               Back Ground



 Malibu Rum                                             extra       (party goer)               Print 2013                                                  

Pepsi                                                         extra (crowd expectator)         Base BAll (Marlins Stadium) 2013



Alejandro Sanz                                       model                                        2013

Julio Iglesias                                           model                                         2014                                                


Live Performance:                  

BSN Basketball                                            Choreographer and dancer                                                    Puerto Rico

Fuego                                   Dancer                                                       2014

Calle 8                                 Dancer (Coca Cola)                                 2014

Premios lo Nuestro (Pitbull)                 dancer                                   Univision   2013

Premios Juventud               (Maite Perroni/Yandel)                             Univision   2013

Miami Bash                         Maluma (Dancer/ Corepgrapher             2014                                                    




Poetic recital Federico Garcia Lorca           poetical                                                               Maricusa Ornes

Snow White and the seven Dwarfs                 fairy of the forest and princess of the court         Maricusa Ornes

The Dancer frog                                          main character and choreographer                   Carlos Ruis

The Tempest                                                 dancer, the water                                                 Oscar Giner

Mefist                                                            Dark angel                                                           Oscar Giner

Cinderella                                                     main character, choreographer                          Carlos Ruis

High School Musical                                   skate board girl, cheerleader                               Raul Mendez              



Pasion Prohibida                                         Feature Extra (secretary of the villain/Estela)         Telemundo 2012

Dama Y Obrero                                         Feature Extra (Mary)                                                 Telemundo 2013

Santa Diabla                                               Feature Extra (Cop)



University of Puerto Rico (Bachelors in Humanities Drama)

University of Hofstra ( dance workshop)Studied Ballet Jazz Hip Hop since 5


Sports:  Soccer, Volleyball, Water, Skate Board, Swimming


Special Skills: Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Fire Dancer, Latin dances, lyrical, Belly Dance), Cheerleader, Singing( tone)


Languages:   Spanish(spanish, mexican, puertorrican), English(latin, newrorrican)        



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