Has a degree in acting in the National University of Cordoba (UNC). Besides her formal education she also trained with great teachers such as Paco Gimenez, Guillermo Heras, Ruben Szuchmacher, Alejandro Catalan, Rafael Spregelburd, Carmen Baliero, among others.

In theatre, she has worked in various productions in Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Mexico. These include, among others, the following: “Los Chingaos” by Artemia Barrionuevo, “Quinotos al Rhum”, “Le Triple”, “Medieval” by Gonzalo Marull, “Antes/despues” by Roland Shimmerlpfenning, directed by Ruben Szuchmacher, “El Sr. Galindez”, by Eduardo Pavlovsky, directed by Marcelo Massa, “Y si un dia me levanto y ya no te quiero?” by Paolo Sambrini, “Durmientes” by Florencia Bergallo, “Cartografias” by David Colorado and Alejandro Aldrete, “DramaCumbiaQueens” by Miguel Israilevich, “La Geometria de la Distancia” and “Imagenes de Trayectoria” a performance directed by Rodrigo Benitez Marengo, “Neva”by Guillermo Calderon, directed by Dario Cortes.

As a director she has worked in: “Yo en mis Ojos” with her theatre group “Los Morochos” and “Mi ojo Izquierdo”, wich was presented in the Monologue Festival of La Paz-Baja Califronia of 2016.

She has participated as an actress in various TV commercials for different agencies representing important brands in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

Her work in the film industry include several short films, such as “Suerte” by Ileana Bezzi and Lisa Caligaris, “Intuicion” by Kathrin Frank, and the full-length film “Alias Maria” by Jose Luis Rugeles, a Colombian, Argentinian and French Co-production that has participated in more than 20 film festivals around the world, winning several awards. Among the most noteworthy are the fact that it opened the Cartagena Film Festival (FICCI 55), and that it participated in the 2015 “Cannes Film Festival”.

She has also worked as a producer and Acting coach in “La moza y el cocinero” by Katrhin Frank and in “Grande” by Pedro Garcia Mejia, a short film that has been selected to participate in the 14th Morelia International film festival and in the 34th Miami Film Festival 2017.

She has also taught many classes and workshops in the Alejandro Catalan Studio in Buenos Aires and in the “Fundacion Cosechando Alegria” for people with intellectual disabilities, among others.