Fri 28 July , 2017

( Maribel Ramos-Weiner ).

Although they were sure of the product’s quality, the success of El Lado Humano de la Fama (14×60’) has exceeded the expectations of High Hill Entertainment, its creator.

“We successfully finished the first season, 21 interviews and surprise, although we knew we had a very good product, the ratings were much higher than what we expected. In average, we exceeded 180% Telemundo Internacional´s time slot in prime time, which was amazing for us: a hit for the company and a personal one for me, because I hadn’t been in front of the cameras for a while,” expressed enthusiastically María Elena Useche, president of High Hill and host of the program that last Sunday, July 9 started its second season in the 8pm schedule on Telemundo Internacional.

Useche comments that this edition of the show, born at a High Hill Entertainment creative table, integrates equipment that is more sophisticated, more technology, and a new director -Alejandra Parra-. “I am delighted to have three photography directors -Marcelo Coppola, Juan Pablo and Rafael- as well as Kike with behind the cameras photography, my executive producer Gabriela Guimarey who was with me in the last season. It is a luxury team,” she stated.

In this second season of El Lado Humano de la Fama there will be one story per episode. “Last season we had a lot of material left over and had to make two specials. We decided that this time we wanted to offer more on each celebrity.”