The talent markets requires a combination of factors, but there are two main philosophies in talent hiring, according to Beatriz Urgelles who is in charge of the talent agency of High Hill Entertainment: famous people who have a lot of followers on social networks and new talents.

“New talents match more with independent productions and series. But I have also noticed that traditional media has given more opportunities to actors who might not have such a long path as protagonists or antagonists but who are very good and well prepared» explains Urgelles.

“I bet on those who have natural talent that is not only mandatory education in schools, but who is an actor and additionally has techniques and preparation. I am very demanding in this sense. You notice when you are in front of an actor» she comments.

Urgelles mentioned that they have a roster of actors who can perform small roles and others protagonists.

She highlights that they discovered an 11-year-old child who has academic preparation, he is trained in the neutral Spanish accent and he speaks English: Noah Rico, “this is not easy to find”. The child has already worked in Telemundo’s Al Otro Lado del Muro and Mariposa de Barrio.

Other talents in their portfolio include Antonio Santana (Pequeños Gigantes), Ana Karina Terrero, who is participating in a FOX series FOX that is being shot in Sonora, Mexico; Ana González, Gabo López (Club 57), Karla Peniche (Mariposa de Barrio) and the influencer from Suelta La Sopa, Carolina Sandoval.